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Relations humaines

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Crossing Over


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Fusion sur Terre

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La Dame du Lac


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a joyous energy… is that of Art!

Christelle Lo Greco, reminiscent of a priestess, paints amidst the shimmering candlelight of the pentagram : the fairy-tale chandeliers open upon the mysteries of her soul, and dark shapes arise from it, wings unfolding, extracting itself from the crimson depths. The light can only be seen when a shadow lurks near; the shadow gains depth when close to the whiteness of the priestess’ robes. The secret of colors thus draws itself: a rituel sets them in place, and immaterial, unseen shapes appear on the wooden panel. The real visage of Persephone, beyond tradition’s stereotypes, reveals itself: Christelle Lo Greco opens a curtain, and even when it offers a gaping abyss, the revelation carries in itself a joyous energy, which is that of Art.”

- Rémi Mogenet, author