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Christelle loGreco

When she was but a little girl, Christelle was already a dreamer. An only child, she greatly admired aesthetics and the passionate love represented by her parents’ couple. She viewed them in color.

She defined herself as a contemplator rather than an actor very early in life,  a spectator, which explains why she started drawing at a young age.

He father always encouraged her to copy. He used to copy comic book characters himself and tell her that « anything was good to copy ». This phase was comparable to academic drawing, for even if she was still only copying, keeping the proper proportions was challenging…

Christelle quickly understood that her career would be in painting, and she would maintain with conviction that she would be a painter to whoever was ready to hear it.  During her teen years, she therefore undertook the artistic path in her high-school studies where she obtained the Swiss Federal High-School Diploma (or « Maturité » in French).

Christelle started catching glimpses of a different world, one sparkling with promises of beauty, the appeal of sensuality, and dreams beyond anything her young mind had so far imagined… But as time went by, she discovered it was also fraught with unsuspected dangers, with hardships like none she had known, with people bearing less than honorable intentions, and with phases of emotional turmoil that would distance her from painting for long years…

After overcoming these hardships, it was time for her to awaken from a profound lack of art in her life. On of her closest friends, by signing her up for a local exhibition, put her back on the track of Color. Christelle set up her new studio, thanks to her husband who agreed to move the cars out of their garage to make way for her pastels, oils, canvases and paintbrushes.

She now spends most of her waking hours their, working with the door open so she may enjoy her neighborhood’s liveliness, painting while being both outdoors and sheltered, to better communicate with others, to better communicate with herself. Henceforth, she would draw her inspiration from everything that makes her life what it is, diving into details to extract only their very essence.